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Our Story

MediGenx takes great pride in improving patients’ lives through innovations in pelvic and gastrointestinal health. Founded by a visionary, today’s team remains committed to developing, designing and distributing next-generation solutions. Working closely with clinicians, universities, and non-profits around the globe, we make a difference worldwide.

Medi-GenX Founders

Dr. Dipak Patel & Dr. Mitali Sarjana

Dr. Patel completed Urology residency at the University of Vermont and then went on for fellowship training in laparoscopy and vascular surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. He has been in practice in the East Valley , USA since 2003. He is board certified by the American Board of Urology. His special interests include complex cancer care utilizing robotics and laparoscopy for prostate and kidney cancer, cryotherapy for prostate and kidney cancer, and minimally invasive treatments for enlarged prostate using Greenlight laser and TUNA in the office setting when applicable. Besides a love for Yankees baseball and Cardinals football, Dr. Patel enjoys racquetball and golf.

Our Passion and History

Medi-GenX was founded in 2004 by a passionate Engineer Raymond. Since then, MediGenx has expanded into new categories and has established itself as a global leader in urology, urogynecology, colorectal and gastroenterology. Many of our products are still proudly manufactured in USA. Today, Raymond Avitable's spirit of innovation lives on in each of the 23 MediGenx members employed around the world

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